Homeless Week: A Preview

Yesterday, I let a random dude from Craigslist into my house. ARE YOU READING, MOM? Now is the time to freak out.

Turns out, I wasn’t murdered. Backstory: we’re selling our furniture. Craigslist Dude was a nice guy who just graduated from UT and borrowed his uncle’s truck to pick up our old couches. He took em, handed me $50, and went on his merry way.

Our lease ends this on the 31st, and I have to work until the 5th. Hence, HOMELESS WEEK! Hurray!

I will be staying on my friend Joy’s couch until next Saturday. She is very, very kind for letting me sleepover for a week. She will also do great things in life, so I’m happy to have met her through this internship. I have no doubt that she will be working on the UN’s Food Security Council in no time.


Work Update:

I finished all of my Little-Texas-Towns-Who-Manage-Wastewater-Poorly cases today, and plan to celebrate with my volleyball pals tonight. Plus, Joy and I finished our “impossible” filing project this week! I only have, like, 2 scars to prove it.

Things to Look Forward to Next Week:

  1. My birthday!! Which unfortunately falls during homeless week. But we’ll make it work.
  2. Final sand volleyball party with my work comrades
  3. Last day of work cake


TGIF, amirite?






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