Field Trips!

A long week of working with small towns on their SSO Agreements ended with two days of field trips.

On Thursday, July 14, I attended the annual Mickey Leland Internship Conference at UT’s West Pickle research center. We got to hear some really powerful speakers, and there was a lot of opportunity to learn from the panels and Q&A sessions with current public and private sector employees, along with the current commissioners of the state of Texas.

At lunch, I inadvertently sat next to TCEQ’s border liason, which was really neat. I got to hear about all of his work with SEMARNAT, Mexico’s EPA equivalent. He also shared many of the challenges that the state faces in sharing airsheds and watersheds with Mexico.


Today, the team that I’m a part of went on a visit to Walnut Creek WWTP and Hornsby Bend. The tour was led by a 4’9″ professional engineer named Raj, and I can only hope to be half as excited about my career as he was about human excrement. His potty humor was unreal, so the experience was actually quite fun.

I may never smell the same again.





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