A winning loser

It’s 1:32PM, and I’ve finally stopped sweating from my lunchtime volleyball match. It’s fiercely hot outside, and my arms are starting to look like overdone hotdogs. I should invest in a sunscreen with higher SPF.

Guess what? My team has lost three matches in a row. I’m pretty bummed about that. We’re not out for the count yet, but we’re certainly slipping.

But, despite being vaguely annoyed during my post-match afternoons, I’m as happy as a clam. Why, you ask?

This volleyball tournament has been an incredible networking opportunity.

On Friday of last week, I met an entire team of environmental lawyers. It was a total jackpot. They were all incredibly nice, and I’ve set up a meeting with one of them for next week.

I was invited out to a post-work volleyball / margarita event, and had a blast! I usually don’t get the opportunity to hang out with environmental professionals, yet alone super cool ones who play volleyball and order buckets of beer. I’m learning a lot about the field I want to go in, and I think to think I’m making some good connections along the way.

On an unrelated note, I made some bangin’ vegetable tikka masala this week. I’ve been bringing it in tupperware containers for lunch, and 5 people have stopped in to tell me it smells good. IT TASTES GOOD, TOO.

Au revoir,




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