When there’s a particular task that you just really, really don’t want to do, employ the jellybean method.

In my office, you can get a handful of jellybeans for 25 cents. Score.

For every stack of old documents that you successfully code, you get a jellybean. And 5 seconds of sugar-fueled happiness.

Sooner or later, all of the jellybeans are gone. And the terrible task! YAY! YOU DID IT!


Most internships have a degree of grunt work involved, and mine is no different. Believe it or not, there are just some tasks in the world that no one actually wants to do. Like emptying the dishwasher. Or cleaning out the litterbox. Or coding 10 years worth of closed case files. And for whatever reason, it is the job of us underpaid 20-somes to tackle those tasks. While smiling the whole time. And humming a cheerful tune.

So for 1-2 hours out of every work day, I code these super old case files and get rid of the documents inside. According to my calculations, I can get through about a cabinet a week, and there’s eight cabinets. Three down, five to go. It’s a really, really unpleasant task that the enforcement division has been ignoring for 8 years now, but I bet I can seal the deal in 5 more weeks.

And with the other 6-7 hours of my work day, I can do the fun stuff. (The funner stuff.) The real fun stuff, of course, is my noontime volleyball tournament, which I bet you were dying to hear about.

Here’s the low down. We sucked this week. We played the top two teams in the division, and we lost both times. I had an especially bad game today, which was super frustrating. On Tuesday, I got smacked in the face with the ball. BUT! Not all is lost.

Bright sides:

  • We’re not out for the count yet. If we finish 3rd or 4th, we can still make it to the semi-finals and crush the competition in the finals. REDEMPTION, BABY.
  • I’m making a ton of friends!! I got invited to a work-place hangout on Friday. Margaritas optional. Ole.
  • Tomorrow’s Friday

As I final note, I feel like I haven’t mentioned how terrible Austin’s traffic is recently. IT’S SO BAD. UNREASONABLY BAD. I think we spent too much time wondering how to get a man on the moon, and not enough time wondering how to cure world traffic.



PS s/o to my roommate Annie who graciously brought me lunch today after I regretfully left mine in our fridge




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