Summer Solstice and Mundanity

Week three is upon us like that angry bear in the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Temperatures in Austin are soaring in the high nineties, and I’m wishing I had invested in more business-appropriate tank tops.

Important news first.

The TCEQ Fours Volleyball Tournament started today! My team plays our first game tomorrow, so send your most positive of vibes towards my fist as it sails through the baking Texan noon-time air. The winning team gets medals and THEIR PICTURE ON THE HOMEPAGE OF THE EMPLOYEE PORTAL, which means that over 2,500 people could see my gloriously sweaty face on a daily basis. Goals.

And the internship?

It’s going swimmingly. I have a meeting tomorrow with my supervisors for a new project assignment. I’m 25% through with processing the closed cases, and I’ve closed 5 of my own cases.

Today, my mentor Gabriel told me that he admired my work ethic. Are you reading, Rhonda? Did you hear that? Shall I repeat? (She complains about ‘my generation’s laziness’ all the time.)

As for my life as an adult, I’m still managing to feed myself and maintain a reasonably vibrant social life. Couch naps are at an all time low. I went home for Father’s Day weekend and brought home a nice little sunburn after a relaxing day at the beach.

That’s all for now! There’s a full moon tonight, so do something wild.




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