Thinking Thoughts I’ve Never Thought to Think of

The halfway point of week two has come and gone, and I’ve only picked up three bruises along the way.

How goeth the daily grind, thou ask? It goeth swimmingly. I’ve finally sorted out all of my technical software related issues, mostly due to Jan at the help desk. Thanks Jan. Couldn’t have done it without you.

In addition to spending quality time with Jan at the help desk, I’ve been working on closing out current enforcement cases, mostly PST, PWS, WQ, and MWS stuff. Confused by the acronyms? Join the club. I’ve started making a little cheat sheet to help me translate the foreign language of government regulation. A normal conversation between two fluent speakers might go something like this:

“Hey Jim, did the EC on that MSW case send in an EAR?”

“Nah, he’s waiting on the official NOV, so I’m working on my NOC for this PST case instead.” 

“Sweet. Also BOE and CCEDS are going down at noon today, so save your documents, or you’ll be SOL”

You get the gist.

I also went out on a Public Water System inspection in Sunset Valley today! It was very informative. I heard all kinds of horror stories about what happens when back-flow mechanisms aren’t properly regulated; we’re talking pool water, blood, maggots, and tons of other nasty things being sucked into public drinking water. Thank you, TCEQ, for regulating drinking water systems. I often take these things for granted.

To summarize, here’s a list of successes and failures for the week. Let’s start with failures and then end on a good note:


  • Whiffed at least 6-8 volleyball plays during our ongoing noontime team practices
  • Set up the wrong printer and now have to walk all the way across the office to print [bright side: exercise]
  • Dropped my new travel cup and cracked it
  • Had to climb through my kitchen window, not once, but TWICE due to general thoughtlessness regarding locking mechanisms [see: bruises]
  • Literally poured money down the drain by purchasing an $8 bottle of Drain-O which did NOT successfully unclog my sink
  • Spent $8 on portabella mushrooms
  • 0 people read my previous blog post [will send link to mom and get at least 1 view]


  • Turned in my first fully completed case closure, without error
  • Processed 590 closed files with the help of my fellow intern, and coded 157
  • Made a mean soup which provided lunch for 5 days
  • UNCLOGGED MY KITCHEN SINK [actually a professional did; but it’s unclogged now so whatever]
  • Started my LSAT and Fulbright work
  • Made a new friend
  • Paid bills on time [thanks, super internship fund!]

Ta ta for now.



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