Week One: new job, volleyball, and broken things

I started my internship Monday morning! My initial nerves were completely washed away by the niceness of all of my coworkers. Everyone is extremely kind and helpful, and I’m looking forward to working with these fabulous people.

I’ve been assigned to the Compliance Monitoring Team, which has one other intern named Joy. We live close to one another, so we already started carpooling on Tuesday. Cheers to saving the environment/gas money!

So far, I’ve mainly been jumping through hoops to get my technology and employment badges sorted out, along with attending meetings and safety briefings. The real work starts tomorrow, now that my data software has been installed and I’m ready to tackle my first couple of cases.

More importantly, I joined a volleyball cult! My workplace has two sand volleyball courts and a ton of active employees. I’m a huge fan of volleyball, so I immediately signed up for the email list. Since Tuesday, we’ve been playing daily during the lunch hour. My office has showers (cool, right?), so I’m able to be back at my desk smelling pleasant and sweat-free once lunch is over.

I’ve already been picked to be on a team for the upcoming TCEQ 4v4 volleyball tournament! It’s an awesome way to get to know employees from every division. I never imagined networking as spiking the ball at someone’s face in the 97 degree midday Texas heat, but here we are.

In other news, living independently in a big city is (surprise, surprise) not easy. Turns out adulthood pretty much entails everything around breaking. On Sunday, my car decided that it was too cool to turn on properly (it just turned 16, and you know how testy kids get at that age…). Luckily, it’s a manual, so I could get away with clutch-starting via hill-rolling and pushing until I could get it fixed. Ever seen Little Miss Sunshine? That was me. For three days.

I also discovered that my kitchen sink is clogged… immediately after pouring half a gallon of spoiled milk into it. That was not a fun time to deal with. But, despite being totally unprepared for the realities of living solo, I have high hopes for this summer. It’s hot, I’m broke, and everything’s broken, but I’m living in a cool city with a fantastic internship, so everything’s just fine.

Until next time,



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